Thursday, 23 October 2008


I think these are Nice photos of the Humber Bridge here in Yorkshire close to Kingston upon Hull and the village of Hessle in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The letter this week is L and for me and all my friends in the photos, the letter L = LIFE after a serious illness, we chat on line and chat about anything we like, in chat rooms set up by Tony Bibby and BTG (see links below) for stroke survivors, we have people from all over even the states who call in for a natter, talk call it what you want.

The friendship, encouragement, help, advice, empathy, understanding and care shown is amazing, so a meeting was arranged where some could meet and most for the first time for, and this is a picture record of that meeting in the county of Nottinghamshire UK, and my friends travelled from far and wide within the UK. The cards with the Hi Holly on are for a dear friend who was unable to make it who loves way up in the North East of Scotland and this was our way of having Holly with us.

Most of the survivors have gone throught hours and hours of Surgery and Tony who set up the stroke chat room this every day is having a triple bye pass operation named a Beating Heart Operation, where the heart is kept pumping throughout.

Everyone in the photos helps each to regain their lives back and start to live again a meaningful life, knowing that their is always a friendly person to talk to, not just survivors but carers also that is so important.

The group photo and the one of me with a lady holding a Hi Holly card were not taken by me one was with my camera and the other by a friend this is the address of Tony's chat room, which is used every day from early morning to late at night.. and this is the address of a very good website that we all use very day. It was members from this website that organised this meeting in Nottinghamshire, so a big thank you goes to all.

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