Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Drive Beauly to Ullapool June 2013

On Friday the 21st June 2013 we drove from Beauly along the A835 to Ullapool on the far west coast of Scotland. Ullapool has one main street and everyone was photographing just that street, looking round I took the first three photos in this blog, they are all taken from that one main street, houses and shops one side fantastic scenery the other, I chose the scenery.
We followed the A835 till we met the A837 to the A386, the weather being low cloud stopped me form taking photographs untilA836 where 4th and 5th photos were taken close to the junction between the A837 and A836. I have no idea what this building is called, however I have reason it is a youth hostel.
The 6th and 7th photos were taken at Bonar Bridge. The last photo was taken on the roadside of the A836 about 10 miles south of Bonar Bridge, I just loved the look of this run down barn/barns. We then joined the A9 back to Inverness and home to Beauly. A long, Long Day!    

Friday, 13 September 2013

Battle of Culloden on Drummossie Moor 16th April 1746

The battle of Culloden took place on the 16th April 1746 on Drummossie Moor which overlooks Inverness 
The battle lasted only about one hour and was the last pitched battle on British soil. 
It is better to search about this battle and then make your own mind up from what you read. 
No way was the battle just between the Scottish and the English. The brutality should never be forgotten, in my mind!  

As an ex services man who served in the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots late 50s early 60s to walk on this battlefield for the fist time, made me shiver. The photos I took are the only ones one's I wanted to,  the small cottage was taken from nearly every angle I could think of, apart from above.