Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Blenheim Palace 2nd September 2013 Part 2

The second part of Blenheim takes place around the grounds and buildings, the last three photos are all in an area called The Secret Garden which was not that easy to find, and entailed a long walk, that took its toll on me and a long rest was required.  The photo of the Crest was taken in the coffee shop looking into the gift shop.

Photos taken by Brian Archibald September 2013 all right reserved

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blenheim Palace 2nd September 2013

Blenheim Palace at Woodstock Oxfordshire is stunning with fantastic grounds and gardens, however having walking difficulties made it hard to get around, due to some paths being laid with the large stones or gravel used as a base, also long walks to find disabled toilets. Also I must point out that £36 is a lot for two people to pay, well in my opinion it was! One visit was enough for my wife and I. However do not let me put you off your opinions and views could be totally different and encouraging. 

This set has five photos outside in the ground and nine within the palace. 

Photos taken by Brian Archibald September 2013 all rights reserved

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Around Oxford 1st September 2013

Out and around Oxford on the 1st September 2013, I have very little idea where most of the buildings are, the University buildings I saw as I drove around the streets if I liked them I stopped and photographed the beautiful structures.

Oxford is so beautiful and has such a verity of architecture all beautiful, even within the city centre.

The last photo of a public house The Rickety Press is a wonderful place for an enjoyable meal and drink whatever your taste, I had to remember my way there from the night before the 30th August, where Pat and I enjoyed with friends a wonderful evening of food and conversation.